Honorary Consul Daniels together with Norwegian sailors. 
Foto: Norwegian Consulate in Castries.Honorary Consul Daniels together with Norwegian sailors. Foto: Norwegian Consulate in Castries

Norwegian sailboats participate in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

Sist oppdatert: 01/12/2015 // Every year, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), attracts hundreds of sailboats in a race that starts in Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands, and ends in Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. This year, more than 200 boats with around 1200 people will sail the 2700 nautical miles crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

The ARC is for everyone; families with children, tough racers, cruising couples, big boats and modest boats. More than just a boat race, the ARC is about friendships made ashore in the two weeks of pre-departure activities continued over the radio net at sea. It is about arriving in Saint Lucia to be met on the dock with a rum punch and a chilled beer, knowing you have achieved something fantastic – crossing an ocean on a small sailboat.

Every year Mr. Daniels, as the Honorary Consul of Norway to St. Lucia, keeps track of the Norwegian entries in the ARC and greets the participants at the Rodney Bay Marina when they arrive in St. Lucia. This year 16 boats from Norway will be participating in the ARC. The Royal Norwegian Consulate in Saint Lucia has been following this event since Mr. Daniels became consul in 2010, and he keeps close track of the Norwegian boats and offers help to the captains and their crew on arrival to St. Lucia.

Sailor Ted joins a Norwegian family boat

Every year children of the ARC are invited to write to the ARC’s mascot, Sailor Ted, and tell him about the adventurers they will have if he joins their boat for the crossing. This year he will set sail on board the Norwegian family boat Friskus, for his second Atlantic Crossing. Click here to read the letter sent by the Norwegian family.

Some of the text is adapted from the ARC webpage

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