Foto: Tobias Wilbers, UD.Foto: Tobias Wilbers, UD

Tonje Granne Kvale from Norway - the first foreigner ever to win Marabana 2015

Última actualización: 19/11/2015 // The 22-year-old medicine student from Oslo won the popular annual marathon in Havana, known as Marabana. It was the first time in her life that she participated in a marathon, something that makes her victory very impressive. Tonje, who counted on using four hours, completed the marathon with the amazing time 3:28:23. In total 5000 runners participated in the Marabana 2015. Amongst them, there were runners from 60 different nations that participated.


The Norwegian Embassy in Havana congratulates Tonje with her victory in Marabana 2015. She was invited to the embassy together with her two travel mates Synne Wollen Steen and Elisabeth Veseth Kristoffersen for a brief encounter. The girls, all studying medicine at the University of Oslo, have taken a semester off to work and to travel. This has so far taken them to Cuba, and they will continue travelling to Costa Rica, Mexico and the US. They had a nice stay in the city of Trinidad before coming to Havana, for later to continue to the popular Varadero beaches. When planning her journey, Tonje was determined to participate, for the first time, in at least one marathon in one of the countries she would travel to, and she signed up for Marabana. She expressed that the first 20-30 kilometres were tough, but that her motivation strengthened when she was told that she was leading the race, and she got help from people surrounding her who insisted that she kept on running.

Fra venstre: Synne Wollen Steen, Tonje Granne Kvale, Elisabeth Veseth Kristoffersen

Before the girls continued to Costa Rica, they briefly visited the Embassy, so that the latter could congratulate her. The embassy appreciates that the girls had time to drop by. They also got a brief guidance on the work Norway has on Cuba and in the Caribbean. All the girls were impressed about their stay in Cuba, and they agreed that they had been met with friendliness and enthusiasm during their stay on the island, which lasted for a little more than a week. Tonje was personally congratulated by the Norwegian ambassador John Petter Opdahl. Tonje expressed that her meeting with Cuba will not be the last one.




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