Seminar on Internet and Economy and Prospectives for the Future of Cuba

Última actualización: 07/10/2015 //

For the first time in Cuba, a seminar was organised which discussed the roles of economy and internet in the further development of Cuba. Both Cuban and international experts assisted to the seminar, where they shared their experiences from their respective fields of work, and discussed how these lessons could be applied to a Cuban context.

On the 1st and 2nd of October, the embassy invited Cuban and international experts to present and discuss the role of internet and possible economical impacts it can provide to the future of Cuba. The seminar received speakers from several Latin American countries, the US, Europe and from Cuba.

The seminar was organised with help from the two journalists Norges Rodriguez and Taylor Torres, and was oficially opened by embassador Opdahl. The seminar itself had a tight schedule, and included a varied programm where speakers from Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain and Cuba, presented their experiences working with ICT and internet, and how this technology is applied to enhance trade, busniess and education. There were also presented some examples of how the use of internet can reduce poverty.

The experts represented entities like ECLAC, UNESCO, Millenium Foundation, as well as several universities. Apart from them, embassadors, represents from local UN bodies, Cuban journalists and bloggers were present. Finally, the seminar was presenced by officials representing enterprises that make part of the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture.

The objective of the seminar is to create a sphere where the panelists can continue to co-operate together, creating alliances to stimulate to further development, knowledge and strategies towards the ICT sector in Cuba.

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