Cine bajo las estrellas. 
Foto: Ambassaden.Cine bajo las estrellas. Foto: Ambassaden

New round of "Cine bajo las estrellas"

Última actualización: 07/10/2015 // The Norwegian embassy continued in the end of September its outdoor cinema project called "Cine bajo las estrellas" - "Cinema under the stars", whith projections of Cuban and Norwegian films at the tennis court.

The last week of each month the embassy invites the public to enjoy one night of Cuban films, and one night of Norwegian films. The movie nights is a project that makes part of the idea of opening the embassy up to the public, and has been a popular cultural event for both Cubans and foreigners residing in Havana.

With this, on 29th of September, around 115 persons showed up to the proyections of two Cuban films "Mila Caous" (Short Film directed by Simon Paetau, and "Caballos" (Directed by Fabian Suarez).

The director of Caballos, Fabian Suarez, was present with several of the actors as well as other colleagues that made part of the production of the film. Suarez expressed that it had been four years of hard work to finish the film, which counted with support from the film fund that the embassy offers to the production of Cuban cinema.

On the 30th of September, a crowd of around 30 people showed up to see two Norwegian films "Alien Repair Guy" (Short Film directed by Alexander Somma and Øystein Moe), and "Kon Tiki" (Directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg).


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The embassy invites everyone to the next "Cine bajo las estrellas" on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th of October. The program will be announced on our webpages.